Other Games

The central list of Addventure sites and Addventure games is at http://www.addventure.com/.

Addventure-based stories

These use the actual Addventure program, and many are contributing their changes back to the project.

BE Addventure
An adult-themed Addventure.
The Medusa Chronicles
What do four friends decide to do this summer? This Addventure started by Panic and now from Dmuk includes a tree-view, recent episode list, and a "jump-to" feature.

Addventure-like stories

The key feature of all of these is that they are expandable by the players, or by players who register themselves. Most do not use the Addventure engine.
Stories from Downtown Anywhere
Story extensions are approved by an editorial board.
The Literature Page
Players are registered. Any registered player may submit an extension to the storyline, which all the players vote on to accept.
The Walking Man
A linear storyline where people suggest what happens next. Surprise endings.
Extendable Adventure
Brian Smith (besmith@uncc.edu) had trouble compiling Addventure, so he wrote his own. (It doesn't appear to be up, however.)
Contains a very similar game, except you get to add choices to rooms, and then create the room, instead of adding a room and the possible options.
The Maze
A graphically mapped version, where you move around and answer questions to the original author of the area. You can expand into places of your own.
Your Wacky World Wide Web Adventure
Also similar, with the ability to add an unlimited number of choices to the scenario.
Reactive Writing
You don't have to write alone! L J Winson is running this as a research project. New pages (including graphics and sound) and links are accepted by various methods.
E Horvath is running a game where new pages can be somewhat automatically submitted for review before adding to ensure "the correct balance of bizarreness, stupidity, and banality." Large parts of the story are loaded at once to speed things up.
Amnesia Interactive Novel
Although all the chapters are written by one person, the readers vote on what will take place next. The winning decision serves as the next chapter in the linear novel.
Gav and Peloso's Interactive Story
"This is a moderated Choose-your-own-adventure type of story where you get to write the story. Follow the story as it grows and grows, taking up much needed hard drive space." Very similar, but independent of, Addventure.
Star Wars Interactive Story
A definately theme-based story (can you guess the theme?) where readers are encouraged to expand by sending email to the moderator.
P.A.W.C. Cybernovel
A linear story where readers are encouraged to email in extensions.
Mark's Choose Your Own Adventure Game
"It gets really wierd at times, but it is okay to go to without getting a heart attack. [...] There is one warning about this game, it is very small and you can get to place that hasen't been created yet fairly quickly." Additions by mailing the owner.
Phaedrus' Interactive Story
Offers an "outline map" to the game.
Sir Toby's Extend-a-Story
Similar, but not identical, design. Includes a message board.
Welcome to my virtual world...
An interactive story where you are the main character. Additions submitted by email.

Dialogues on Hyperfiction

A great deal of thought has gone into the problems of reading and writing hyperfiction (which is what I feel Addventure is).

Hyperfictional Sites

These sites have some of the best examples of hyperfiction, hyperpoetry, or similar literature.
Indra's Net by John Cayley's
Machine modulated poetry
Commercial publishers of fine hyptertext fiction and producers of Storyspace, a hyperfiction authoring tool.

Other on-line stories

All of these may be linked adventures, but the players are not authors.
You play a dog. It has various places to set values, but they're never used.
This one is about a cat... {:
Beneath the Village
A GEAS Village adventure. An HTML dungeon with "lots of options".
Castle Sonnestein
"Are you courageous enough to free the poor underestimated, unpaid, unverschämt WWW programmer from the Sunpool?" A mostly linear game with some branching and audio.

Where to find other games

Plenty of other stuff out on the web, some of them even link to Addventure.