How to play Addventure

(the simple instructions)

So... you want to play this game? I think we can arrange that. You don't need to read these instructions, but they'll clue you in to the basics of the game. There are also instructions for the addvanced features of the game, and some Frequently Asked Questions.

What is this?

Addventure is like many other "choose your own adventure" games, with a slight twist. Most games have been created by one person, and have a definite starting and stopping point. There is usually a central plot, and you're playing a game that was created for you.

Addventure, however, is more of a shared story. It has been created by many people - previous players of the game. While there is a definite starting point, the story diverges from there into a wide variety of unknown plot twists. Most importantly, however, if the story gets to a point that has never been reached before - you, the player and reader, get to continue the story for others.

How to play

You'll start out in "episode 1". Each episode is a point in the game where you are presented with what is happening and options - but it is not necessarily a physical room or space, it could be an action or event. Every episode is numbered, and contains the name of the episode (if the author gave the episode a title), the name of the game (if there is one), and the episode number at the top of the page.

Text descriptions usually contain an explanation of what is happening, has happened, or what the situation is. It can be whatever the original author decided to create for you. It may talk about what you, as a player in the game, are doing, or it may be a narrator discussing what is happening in the story.

The choices are links to other episodes. You select which path you would like to follow by selecting one of the options. Usually this takes you to another episode - but sometimes it takes you to a episode that has never been created before.

Most episodes will let you go back to the previous one, but some will not. (Of course, most browsers also let you do this.) Most episodes are signed by the author, but many are not. Some episodes are linking enabled -- this is an addvanced feature, and can be ignored.

Creating a new episode

If you get to a episode that has not been created before, you will be told one of two things:
  1. The episode is under construction by someone else
  2. The episode has not been created, and you can create it if you wish
If you choose to create it, you should select Accept.

If, at any time, you do not wish to finish creating the episode, you can select Cancel.

Entering the scenario

If you wish, you may enter a title for the episode.

In the large box, enter the description of what action is taking place. You may write as much as you wish -- the box should scroll both horizontally and vertically. Do not try to format the text -- most spacing will be ignored. (If you wish to format the text, you have to use HTML.) Underneath, you must enter the number of options that future readers will have.

The area that says Create all new episodes is an addvanced feature, and can be ignored.

When you have entered this information, you should select Accept. If you wish to stop creating the episode, you may select Cancel at any time.

Entering the choices

There are now several boxes where you can describe the possible choices a future reader will have. Enter one choice per numbered box.

If you wish, you may sign the episode. You may include your name, your email, or even a link to your homepage - whatever you want.

The next several checkboxes are addvanced features, and can be ignored.

When you have entered this information, you should select Accept. If you wish to stop creating the episode, you may select Cancel at any time.

Entering the episode

At this point, the episode is now created. You may now either enter the episode, or go back to the previous episode.


Feedback on the design of the game is always welcome. I can't, however, accept responsibility for the contents of the game, since they aren't mine. If you have a problem with the content of a game, there is a contact point for each game in operation.

If you have any additional questions about the game, please see the FAQ before sending feedback to:

Enjoy the game